Managing HPC Complexity through an Interactive Interface

Our Solution

Six Nines HPC delivers the most advanced web front-end for accessing technical and scientific applications while leveraging limitless resources on AWS and your DataCenter (Hybrid). We enable users to get the job done faster, without the complexity of the underlying computing infrastructure. Users can interact with a scalable, secure, intuitive, service-oriented interface to their HPC clusters, data, licenses, batch, & interactive applications through their web browser.

Industries that are leveraging this technology are in EDA, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Bio-Science, Financial Services, and Media & Entertainment.

Service Deliverables Service Value

Expert Design and Configuration

HPC Scheduler and Agent Installation

Configure VPN & Advanced Networking

Configure EC2 Instances and Agents

Create golden AMI images

Configure NFS & S3

Deploy and test small clusters

Deliver immutable HPC clusters at scale

Maximize HPC usability & effectiveness

Simple publishing of complex services

Native AWS Integration and Hybrid

Access anywhere & control user access

Reduce data transfer with remote file management

Integrates with common Job Schedulers

Monitor resources, jobs, and licenses


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