Build a Completely Remote Animation & VFX Workforce on AWS

The rapid movement towards distributed, remote workforces is changing the VFX industry and production studios. Previously, cloud migrations were pursued as technology cycles turned over for individual studios. Suddenly, the entire industry is being challenged by new realities that make remote, distributed workforces mission critical.

Fortunately, solutions are available that enable creative professionals to work from virtually anywhere and extend the power of their laptops, tablets and home workstations using pay-as-you-go models in the cloud.

Join this webinar, along with Six Nines, AWS, Teradici, and Wacom to:

  • Learn how creative studios are using Six Nines Studio in the Cloud to securely extend their remote workforce, while reducing costs and increasing productivity
  • Experience a demonstration of Studio In the Cloud showing, a powerful virtual studio enabling creative teams to do more with less
  • Explore the capabilities of AWS Thinkbox for digital content creation
  • Learn about Teradici’s PCoIP Ultra Technology that helps extend standard tools to interface with powerful cloud workstations
  • View a demonstration from Wacom that shows how digital artists can leverage powerful cloud environments with a pen and tablet interface.


Doug Goldenberg, Sr. Solutions Architect, Six Nines
Haley Kannall, CG Supervisor, AWS
Ian Main, Technical Marketing Principal, Teradici
Joe Sliger, Sr. Technical Solutions Architect, Wacom

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