Microsoft SQL Server 2008 End of Support

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On July 9th, Microsoft will end support for SQL Server 2008. That means the countdown is on with a little over one month left on the clock before regular security updates end and organizations running these workloads will be exposed to possible cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end with SQL Server 2008.  In January, Windows Server 2008 will reach end of support (EOS). Like death and taxes, EOS is inevitable for almost all software products, which is why it’s smart to start assessing your ongoing risk from product retirement.

If your organization hasn’t yet taken steps toward upgrading, modernizing and transforming to ensure your infrastructure and applications remain protected, now is the time to develop a best practice for measuring and assessing your risk. In addition to addressing immediate security concerns, EOS also presents an opportunity to think longer-term around these essential workloads and overall IT strategy in order to save money, simplify the customer experience – enhancing your organization’s performance and innovation.

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Feeling the pressure, but not sure where to start?

We believe putting a solid assessment plan in place is the first step to making incredibly informed decisions that support the business. This means taking a deep dive into your own environment to first accomplish three critical tasks:

  1. Identify every single instance of Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server and the hardware resources that are consumed; and
  2. Develop a plan that can save money while re-platforming, modernizing or retiring your SQL Server and Windows Server 2008 applications; and
  3. Save money on Microsoft licenses by evaluating all available licensing options.

Migrating, Modernizing and Operating Legacy Applications in AWS

Six Nines has partnered with AWS and Movere to offer a comprehensive program and proven set of cloud services to measure, assess, plan and optimize SQL Server Workloads.  You can compare your actual resource consumption with accurate cost models for Azure and AWS. An important part of making an informed EOS decision is comparing the resources and licenses consumed on-premises by existing workloads with workloads running in a resource- and license-optimized scenario.

One of the biggest problems organizations face is finding the entirety of their SQL Server 2008 instances. Movere’s discovery tool quickly uncovers SQL applications and not only provides a complete inventory, but also uncovers application dependencies so organizations can plan cloud migrations with accuracy and confidence.

Together, we're helping customers extend the life of existing applications, modernize their applications and leverage deployment options to significantly reduce costs.

SQL Server 2008 Risk Assessments and Workshops

Getting started is easy. To help organizations feeling the EOS pressure, Six Nines is offering a complimentary risk assessment and half-day, interactive workshop that includes:

  • Half-day, interactive Risk Remediation workshop with a Six Nines Solution Architect.
  • Inventory of your Windows - and Linux - applications as well as their performance and dependencies.
  • Customized cost comparison of your on-premises application infrastructure costs vs. equivalent costs in AWS.
  • Complimentary access to Movere’s enterprise assessment, performance and planning tools for 30 days.

Visit our End of Support resource page to learn more and sign up for a free SQL migration risk assessment conducted by Six Nines with AWS and Movere.

Why Six Nines and AWS

If you are considering cloud as an option for your EOS workloads, then you’ll be in good company.  According to analyst firm IDC, over 57% of cloud Windows server market runs on AWS, almost 2X as much as the next leading provider.  Hundreds of thousands of companies today run Windows workloads on AWS, and it’s estimated that 50-60% of their on-premises Microsoft workloads are running the 2008 version. For organizations running SQL Server, AWS provides licensing options, tools, reliability and scalability to lower the total cost of ownership while increasing agility.

One of only 36 Premier AWS Partners in North America, Six Nines has helped hundreds of customers migrate, modernize and operate their legacy Microsoft Windows applications in AWS. Having achieved DevOps and Microsoft Competencies in AWS, our highly skilled engineers have a specialized focus on regulated industries with compliance and security needs, from Healthcare to Oil & Gas, Business Services and Media & Entertainment.

To hear more best practices directly from the experts for putting a migration plan in place, listen to our SQL Server 2008 End of Support planning webinar with Six Nines’ managing director, Eric Terrell; Lance Sprat, Microsoft Licensing & Optimization Sales Lead at AWS; and Andrew Ireland, founder and chief evangelist of Movere.

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